My Feeling (The Discovery)

Feeling stared at the sky;

He saw the blue of light reflected back down to the Earth.
He saw the white of clouds, cotton fluff and wisps of lint.

And this was what he knew he was meant to see.
He looked closer. Deeper. Smaller.

Something was there, but this was not as he had been told.
Confused and doubtful, Feeling looked elsewhere.

He soared over the mountains;
Saw the morbid grey of rock,
Saw the pristine white of frozen water.

Feeling explored his vision. Deeper. Smaller.
It was here also; this Other thing.

As he moved around the world,
He looked in the yellow flame of burning wood,
At the brown bark, and green leaves of trees.

At the entire spectrum of colour,
Envisioned in the petals of flowers.
He turned stones, moved soil, lifted water.

He went down to the depths of the seas,
Scrutinised the heated pits of volcanoes.
It was everywhere, this thing he did not know.

Feeling looked at horse and snake, bird and fish.
He looked at insect and plankton,
At bacteria and virus.

It was everywhere, but still, he did not know.
Feeling looked at Human…                                                                                                He pondered: “Here is the only place where it does not reside.”

And then Feeling knew, he understood what it was made of,                                  Nature all encompassing,
Was constructed from this thing.

But Man; having removed herself from nature,                                                              Was no more.

By Martyn Clayton-Flatt (FragsieGM)